applying liquid roofing shingles

When a TRADITIONAL tear off and roof replacement is the best solution to your roofing problem.

15 year warranty

SmartShingles offers two truly innovative roof solutions with our Rejuvenate and Resurface systems. Our goal is to save your existing roof if possible, but in some cases replacement is the best option. With 40 years of roofing experience, our team of roofing professionals will provide you with the quality roof assembly your home deserves.

A roof system is much more than shingles. Our team will properly address all aspects of your roof assembly including: tear off, decking repairs, ventilation intake and exhaust system, snow and ice protection, underlayments, flashings, metals and more.

As a registered CertainTeed Master Shingle ApplicatorTM, your roof assembly can be registered with CertainTeed for additional warranty coverage.

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