An INNOVATIVE 4-Step system that includes a roof cleaning, a protective base coat, 3M granules, and our Rejuvenate Clear.

  • Step 1 – To ensure proper adhesion of the base material, the roof is cleaned of all mold, moss, algae, and dirt.

  • Step 2 – Our proprietary Resurface base coat is then applied to the existing roof surface.

  • Step 3 – We then broadcast 3M engineered granules into the wet Resurface base coat.

  • Step 4 – Our Rejuvenate Clear is then applied for added durability and protection. The Rejuvenate Clear not only locks down the 3M granules, but it also protects against future algae and moss growth.

10 year warranty

Although the Resurface option is a step up from the Rejuvenate system, resurfacing offers huge savings over traditional roof tear off and replacement. Resurfacing is a cost effective way to protect your home and save you money!

Give your home the curb appeal you are looking for with 1 of our 15 classic Resurface colors. Choose from 1 of our 7 Standard colors or 1 or our 8 SR Premium colors. The Standard colors offer a budget conscious option, while our SR Premium colors offer energy savings. With 3M cool granule technology, SR Premium colors offer solar reflectance, which allows your roof to stay cooler in warmer months. Keep your roof cooler, your home more comfortable, and your air conditioning bill lower. Go GREEN with SR Premium colors!

Every year more than 22 million tons of asphalt shingles end up in our nation's landfills. Why tear off if you don't have to? Go GREEN with Resurface!

Standard Colors

Mocha – Black Diamond – Weathered Wood
Castle Gray – Sandstone – Garnet – Forest

View Standard Sample Board

SR Premium Colors

Cool White – Cool Gray – Cool Brown – Cool Suede
Cool Chestnut – Cool Shale – Cool Slate – Cool Spice

View SR Premium Colors Sample Board


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  • Rejuvenate

 Coordinate your Roof and Exterior Colors

Black Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Cool Gray
  • Mocha
  • Cool Spice
  • Cool Brown
  • Cool Chestnut
  • Forest
  • Black Diamond
  • Cool Black
  • Cool Gray
  •  Cool Shale
  • Mocha
  • Cool Spice
  • Cool Brown
  • Cool Chestnut
  • White Siding
  • Blue Siding
  • Red Siding
  • Brown Siding
  • Light Gray Siding
  • Dark Gray Siding
  • Olive Siding
  • Beige Siding
  • Brick Siding

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